čtvrtek 22. prosince 2011

Pre christmas summary

Concluding the course today, we all have to review a bit, as well as present, what is done on shareTime.
Our work-group is composed of three totally different people, thats for sure. Let's not blame ourselves for what ended behind expectations, but we have to do a little review. Kudos to Jara for what he has done, he succeeded the task of migrating whole structure from glassfish server to appengine, good job really! We can rely on current state and build a really nice and useful app in the future. What is done on the project works just nice, but a scarecrow is pending in our heads, because not everything we wanted to show up is ready now. On the server side, we do not have adding new events done, which is holding two screens out of usage, even meaning they stay completely blank at the moment.
But I spent quite some time working on shareTime last week or two and I must say I came up with some thoughts and ideas here and there. For example, why not to allow the users to make a poll about when should a new activity take place - I mean, what about implementing a doodle voting for activities with undecided constraints? And what about each user could add a confirmed activity to his google calendar just automatically? That is not just for us to decide, whoever reads this blog can leave a comment below, I can assure you we will keep feedback in mind


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