středa 14. prosince 2011

MVP Delirevable today

Fall of the semester is here and we are about to deliver, what's done. Since Jara did an amazing amount of work, me and Emil were trying to carry some more updates recentely. I have been coding the last two days, but unfortunately can not commit and deploy my present state to our SourceForge repository.
Questioning minimum viability of the project, I must say with updating the schedule and inviting friends to a new activity - which is what i have been working on recentely - we are there.
May it seem foolish, I hope there can be some chance of running out of time at the class today, where other teams will step up with their presentations. I cheer for them, would their work be interesting, meaning us possibly given the chance to present next week, we would manage to settle some nice updates and tweaks which are close to be done, but for some reasons, I am unable to bring them alive just right now.
I just hope our effort from the very last days will have some impact, no matter when we will be showing up the app.


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