neděle 11. prosince 2011

Our Progress

We have functional code that we will present on thursday. Jara made great effort to change server side from glassfish server to GAE. A lot of testing and progress has been done. We have server side deployed on GAE for about two weeks, it seems running very well with no complications. The difficult part was to change the database to the GAE philosophy so that it would work properly.

We also created user interface for samusng tablet. It is very simple and not so sophisticated yet but it is sufficient environment for further testing and development. It is also sufficient for our final presentation and working functionality demonstration. We will improve the interface in the future, we want that it looks much nicer with bigger icons. The good thing is that the application is connected to the gravitation sensor and it works OK.

Another difficult goal that has been achieved is communication with the server side on GAE with android client. Now the application communicates properly with the server and we have a basic functionality to demonstrate. We can log in to the application, all icons are in function and it is possible to create an event that you want to share with your friends. The next thing we need to do is just to share the event. We have not implemented it yet because we are running out of time at the busy end of the semester.

Everything is prepared including server side, database and communication and we will try to write final procedures to share the events between friend.

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