pátek 4. listopadu 2011

Initial commit

Greeting for all readers! Our project is about sharing free time activity between friends and personal time management. We are in point, we have some functional basis of Android app and GlassFish based server side. Nowadays we decide migrate server part of project on Google App Engine infrastructure.

We implemented our first version of project based on AppEngine and moved from GlassFish. It was our first important step to cloud based server side of project. We are very excited and enthusiastic. Our next step would be composition of work done with our Android part of project.

If it looks like triviality to migrate from JPA basis on another technology or application server, but it wasn't. A lots of unexpected problems appeared. At first we decided to incorporate logging to out project. Log4j is very good choice, but it did not work for one day. The reason was comic, I badly configured log4j.properties file. One letter was forgotten in configuration for specific package logging: log4j.category. It was case when on one letter depends.

Second complication was quite similar, my configuration for persistence unit was wrong. File name persistance.xml with other letter substituted was big and curious problem.Exception thrown on that mistake was matchless and only logging saved me from fail during migration.

Finally we have GWT basis for client code, partly working persistent tier and native android client code. Our next steps should be put together AppEngine  and Android. Second goal is upgrade of server side features and enable full functionality we had on GlassFish. There are some complications with ManyToMany and owned OneToMany relationships  in BigTable. We are evaluating possibility of creation GAE part of project on Maven. Testing, automatic build and integration testing as well as adding library and dependencies for project are easy and  cheerful with Maven.

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